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  • San Mateo San Francisco

    San Francisco Trips From San Mateo The seaside town of San Mateo is a great place to base your trip for a visit to San Francisco. The city is less then half and hour away from the quiet and relaxing atmosphere of San Mateo, California to San Francisco. You will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds if you plan on many day trips into cosmopolitan San Francisco. San Francisco day trips ... Read More

  • San Mateo Getting Around

    San Mateo, CA: Getting Around Navigating and getting around San Mateo is very simple thanks to public transportation and well paved roads. Public transportation is easily one of the most popular ways to get around the city. Commuters often use BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) when going to work outside of the city. However, there many local buses and CalTrain to get you to where you need t ... Read More

  • San Mateo Restaurants

    San Mateo, CA: Restaurants Looking for places to eat in San Mateo, CA? Whether you are dining with friends, family or your special someone, these events call for something special and pristine. If you are looking for world-class San Mateo restaurants, here are some of the options you can opt for. Kingfish Restaurant is one of the few options for elegant dining, regardless if you are grabb ... Read More

  • San Mateo Attractions

    San Mateo: Attractions There are many enjoyable San Mateo attractions that visitors and residents can explore and enjoy in this delightful city. The top things to do here range from outdoor recreation activities to shopping and dining to exploring enjoyable museums and other family-friendly venues. If you are looking for San Mateo, California theme parks, there are some options, includin ... Read More

  • San Mateo Things To Do

    San Mateo: Things to Do San Mateo is full of great things to do and adventures to be had. As a part of the larger San Francisco Bay Area, this charming community offers things to do for a variety of people and tastes. With a geographic position close to other exciting communities, day trips to San Francisco, Napa and other neighboring cities are very easy to pull off, while the city of San ... Read More

  • San Mateo Demographics

    San Mateo Demographics With 98,000 people living in the city, San Mateo demographics can show you a lot about the population and quality of life in the area. The San Mateo, California population has continued to grow every year since its incorporation in 1894, and it will continue to grow thanks to its great location and high quality of life. In the past 10 years, the city had a 5 percent ... Read More

  • San Mateo: Travel & Lodging

    Many people who visit San Mateo come for the nearby cities and amenities that the Bay Area has to offer. In addition, the city itself has a number of good San Mateo travel and lodging options, so whether you’re visiting the city now or in the future, you will have a variety of great hotels and inns to stay at.  There are a plethora of highly-rated hotels in San Mateo, California. These op ... Read More

  • San Mateo Community

    San Mateo, CA: Community The city of San Mateo is a part of San Mateo County and is one of the largest communities in the area. Vibrant and with a diverse population, this city of 98,000 residents offers the benefits of a large city with the perks of a small-town community.  Incorporated in 1894, San Mateo, which was named for Saint Matthew, is a great city known for its multitude of acti ... Read More

  • San Mateo Emergency Services

    San Mateo: Emergency Services In the case of an emergency while living or visiting in San Mateo, there are a number of good resources to turn to for San Mateo emergency services.  From hospitals, to the fire department and police department, there are many resources in place to protect the community. In addition, there are several emergency situations that local authorities ask people to ... Read More

  • History of San Mateo

    History of San Mateo San Mateo, California history spans back before European settlers ever came to the area, but not much is known about this time, since the first written documentation of San Mateo didn’t occur until Spanish explorers came to the land in 1776. Before then, the land was inhabited by the Ohlone Indians, who were named the Coastanoans by the Spanish. This tribe is believed ... Read More

  • About San Mateo

    About San Mateo Sitting in the county of the same name in California, San Mateo is considered to be a valuable part of the Bay Area, not far from San Francisco, CA. Incorporated in 1894, the city, whose name means St. Matthew in Spanish, is located a little less than 20 miles south of the great city. Some of the most interesting San Mateo, California information includes its stunning ameni ... Read More

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