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  • Family Fun in San Mateo

    San Mateo is a city and county located on the San Francisco Peninsula in California. Since the area is near the bay, there’s plenty of family fun in the sun in San Mateo. Some of the most exciting family activities in California are located in this beautiful area. CuriOdysseyOverview: Once called the Coyote Point Museum for Environmental Education, CuriOdyssey shows kids the importance of spend ... Read More

  • San Mateo Day Trips

    Planning a weekend getaway or vacation with your loved ones? There are plenty of San Mateo, California Weekend Getaways or San Mateo, CA Weekend Vacations that would be a wonderful option just for you.Book a reservation at one of the many wonderful hotels that the city has to offer and relax next to the pool or in the hot tub. Spend a romantic night at the Peninsula Ballet Theater attending a show ... Read More

  • History of San Mateo

    San Mateo, California history spans back before European settlers ever came to the area, but not much is known about this time, since the first written documentation of San Mateo didn’t occur until Spanish explorers came to the land in 1776. Before then, the land was inhabited by the Ohlone Indians, who were named the Coastanoans by the Spanish. This tribe is believed to have inhabited the entir ... Read More

  • About San Mateo

    Sitting in the county of the same name in California, San Mateo is considered to be a valuable part of the Bay Area, not far from San Francisco, CA. Incorporated in 1894, the city, whose name means St. Matthew in Spanish, is located a little less than 20 miles south of the great city. Some of the most interesting San Mateo, California information includes its stunning amenities, convenient geograp ... Read More

  • San Mateo Hot Spots

    San Mateo is known for its nightlife, yet many people don’t head over to the area from San Mateo’s more famous cousin – San Francisco. There’s plenty to do in this area, from wine tasting to dancing to dive bars. Check out some of the most popular hotspots in the city for blowing off a little steam.Grape & GrainOverview: One of the most popular wine bars in the county, Grape & Grai ... Read More

  • Just Visting

    The beautiful city of San Mateo is located 30 minutes south of San Francisco right on the bay. San Mateo, CA tourism thrives on its location near San Francisco and the water. Many people stay in San Mateo for the weekend, thanks to its pristine harbor and selection of gourmet restaurants. There many inexpensive and family friendly activities to do while visiting this coastal city within reach of S ... Read More

  • San Mateo Nightlife

    San Mateo, CA is known for a variety of things, including its pristine beaches that swarm with tourists and locals every year, the perfectly balanced weather conditions and temperature, the wide array of modernistic facilities and amenities, and a diversity of tourist attractions and landmarks worthy of spending time. Aside from all of these, this Californian city is also known for its exhilaratin ... Read More

  • Day Trips & Landmarks

    San Mateo is full of great things to do and adventures to be had. As a part of the larger San Francisco Bay Area, this charming community offers things to do for a variety of people and tastes. With a geographic position close to other exciting communities, day trips to San Francisco, Napa and other neighboring cities are very easy to pull off, while the city of San Mateo itself offers a wide arra ... Read More

  • 3 Things You Never Knew About San Mateo

    There’s plenty of cool stuff to do in San Mateo, but this gorgeous area has some secrets, too. Check out some of the coolest facts about San Mateo before heading west to this fun and interesting part of California.Famous San Mateo ResidentsPlenty of famous people have lived in San Mateo over the years. One of the most prominent was Merv Griffin. Griffin was known for creating “Jeopardy” and ... Read More

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