Foster City

Foster City is where the roads curve along five miles of a lagoon off the bay to the east of downtown San Mateo with a population of 30,567. Foster City was built up and out from the peninsula turning the salty lagoon into an aesthetic amenity that the winding streets reflect. The businesses and multimillion dollar homes on the San Mateo and Foster City sides of the lagoon have beautiful water overlooks of what is also a functional and important part of the area’s stormdrain system. 

The San Mateo Bridge from Hayward, HWY 92, enters the peninsula at Foster City before reaching the 101 Bayshore Freeway interchange south of Downtown San Mateo.

World-class office space has attracted Visa International, Sony Computer Entertainment America and media companies.

Nearby in San Mateo is the San Mateo Event Center, you may shop at the Bridgepoint Shopping Center (link to shopping), and explore the Ice Oasis skating rink. There are no hospital facilities in Foster City, review all the health and fitness options in San Mateo here.

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Foster City History

Foster City began as a carefully planned community 40 years ago and has grown in innovative ways as developers create exclusive neighborhoods managed by homeowners associations to help residents manage the unique challenges of bay shore living. The City Community Development Department is helpful in issuing permits and strictly enforcing rules about interior and exterior changes and property improvements as well as making sure that properties are well-maintained.

Foster City Parks and Recreation manages over 20 parks and the William E. Walker Recreation Center with 8 rooms including the popular lagoon room. City managed activities are a good way for residents connect with one another, there is also a not-for-profit public art gallery, and sailing is the most popular leisure sport activities. There are classes and programs for all ages, from toddlers to seniors. Classes feature arts and crafts, music and dance, sports and fitness, and tennis.


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San Mateo Events Center

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Hillbarn Theater

Hillbarn Theatre has been bringing culture and arts to the San Mateo area for over 70 years.

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