CEC Voting on Solar Panel Requirement

05/09/2018 (SAN MATEO) – The California Energy Commission (CEC) is voting today on whether to require all new homes sold in the state to have solar panels. According to the CEC, the new standards will benefit homeowners and the environment.

According to CNN and CEC Spokesperson Amber Beck, “Homes under the (new) standards will use about 50% less energy than those under the previous 2016 standards and greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced as if 115,000 cars were taken off the road.”

The plan starts with houses under construction as of January 1, 2020. California would be the first state in the country to require solar panels on homes.

As reported by CNN and the Mercury News, the added costs of the systems will drive home prices up by $9,500 – $10,500 according to state estimates, but should save homeowners $16,200 in utility bills in the long run. Some groups, however, are worried about the added expense of installing the panels. In some areas of the state, $10,000 is a substantial proportion of the overall price of a home, especially compared the Bay Area.

A number of cities in the Bay Area already include a solar requirement on new construction including San Mateo, San Francisco, Brisbane and Fremont.

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