‘Super Voting’ Centers May Increase Turnout in San Mateo

06/05/2018 – (NBC Bay Area) -The California primary rolls out on Tuesday, but the process is actually winding down in San Mateo County.

The county will have no polling places on Election Day. Instead, voters have spent the last month going to a county voting center that is convenient to them. The so-called “super-voting centers” are now open through Tuesday.

The new method means the county will not have to look for 1,400 poll workers on Election Day. Santa Clara County, which does traditional voting, said it finally got all the poll workers it needs after putting out an alert two weeks ago announcing they were drastically short.

Other Bay Area counties said they also now have the workers needed.

San Mateo County’s chief elections officer said he expects increased voter turnout, up to 35 percent, compared to … Read More

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