Laurelwood Park

Laurelwood Park is adjacent to Sugarloaf Mountain, the 225-acre property is in the hills on the west side of San Mateo. The grassy area is great for frisbee or setting up a badminton net. The park has picnic tables, some shaded by oak trees, and a playground as well as trails leading to Sugarloaf Mountain.

The Children’s play area is fenced with a rubber surface with a variety of climbing challenges, bridges, slides, and swings.

A creek outlines the east edge of the grassy area flows past the easy part of the Tenderfoot hiking trail and goes east toward the earthen dam then down Laurelwood Drive toward the bay. The has many deer trails and the deer may be seen in the early morning or evening.

Laurelwood Park

3471 Glendora Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403

(650) 522-7434

Open: Sunrise to Sunset

Salson Trail and Tenderfoot Trail routes run through and link Laurelwood Park with the City of Belmont’s San Juan Canyon Open Space and East Laurel Creek Road. The route is used by pedestrians and bicycles as well as fire and emergency access. The trail to the peak is about 395 feet above the picnic area with native shrubs and grasses.

  • Grassy area
  • 6 Picnic tables, 2 can be reserved
  • Playground
  • Restrooms
  • No inflatable jumpers
  • No serving alcohol
  • Not an off-leash dog park