Shoreline Parks

Harborview is connected to Ryder Park and Seal Point to the south and north to Coyote Point by the Bay Trail. The parks feature metal sculptures and picnic shelters with the organic shape of leaves made of western red cedar slats bound together by steel cables, playgrounds and fountains. Providing picturesque panoramic views of the Bay from land there is also a place to put in a kayak and, on most days a good enough breeze for windsurfing.


A ball-field, 4 picnic tables and one grill, 2 picnic tables and the grill can be reserved for $60. There is a playground and grass area, 1/2 basketball court, and restrooms. No alcohol is allowed.

Ryder Park

Ryder Park play area is 2.8 acres and includes picnic facilities, 11 native history interpretive panels, a playground with a rubberized surface, splash pad water play area and sand area with larger-than-life concrete sea creatures designed by Artist Tom Aire-Donch. Don’t miss the Shellmound Gurgle on San Mateo Creek, a fountain that turns on when the tide is high and shuts off when the tide is low. The fountain has shell patterns of muscles, clams and oysters to echo the shellmounds of Native Americans who once inhabited the area.

Three audio stories at the history panels tell about a young Salson boy whose nearly 4,000-year-old bones were found in the bay; a Chinese fisherman who speaks of the days when Chinese fishing camps became established along parts of the San Mateo Bay shoreline after the railroads were built; or a story about a Padre that camped along San Mateo Creek as he and his party traveled to the Presidio in San Francisco.

Seal Point

An ideal place to watch planes landing at San Francisco Airport, gaze at the many large metal sculptures, walk over the cable-stayed suspension footbridge over San Mateo Creek, or complete the one mile trail loop on foot or bicycle in this 60 acre park. There is plenty of bird watching and a 3-acre dog park near the steel lattice power transmission structures.

View wildlife in the Bay Marshes along the shore, free parking, if it is not foggy it will be very sunny with little shade, water is at the trail head.

Seal Point

1901 J Hart Clinton Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401

(650) 522-7434

Open: Sunrise to Sunset